Why You Need One to One Coaching in Cricket – 7 Key Reasons

Why You Need One to One Coaching in Cricket – 7 Key Reasons

We are living in the era of Technology where we spend our of the time on the Internet either for having fun with friends or taking information regarding work.

After this Corona pandemic, usage of the internet has increased rapidly. The maximum of our stuff is being done via an online medium. Companies are offering their worker to work remotely and students are attending school classes online.

YouTube has played a crucial role in providing valuable and required information to users, especially students. Even many students have replaced their private tuition from YouTube. Because they find all material of his study on YouTube. They can study at any time and anywhere just by watching these YouTube videos. Not only students are taking benefits of YouTube but young sports players are taking lots of interest in learning sports from YouTube.

We will talk about cricket players in this post. Because recently a young cricket player asked me a question that ” Do we still needs a one to one cricket coach in the era of YouTube”

His question impressed as well as put me in confusion. But I immediately answer ”no”.

However, after listening no from me, he started to telling me the benefits of learning cricket from Youtube. So I tried to give him a satisfying answer with some logical points, which are mentioned below. So read stick to this post till the end to understand.

Why you need one to one cricket coach in the era of YouTube?

We all know that YouTube is contributing greatly to provide knowledge with comfortability and at less price.

But still, YouTube is not able to replace one to one cricket or any other sports coach. There so many things that a player can only learn from a coach.

1. Discipline

If you ask a successful cricketer or any spokesperson about his achievement’s key, then most of them will consider discipline as the most important factor in his success. And they will also advise you to be disciplined. Because discipline lets a player do all his works at the right time and for a specific period.

But, being a human, not only a sportsman but also an normal man always ignores discipline. Because when one puts himself in discipline, then he or she has to get out of his comfort zone. Unfortunately, no one likes to leave his luxury habits and put himself in an actionable timetable.

Now, here we need a one to one coach, who can help us to build a habit of doing things on time and follow all the necessary drilling to improve the game. A coach can instruct us to be in the discipline in a polite way and also can take tough calls for us if required.

On the other hand, if we just learn cricket by watching YouTube videos then there will not be anyone whom you are fearful of or you respect the most. YouTube gives freedom to learn any time and anywhere. 

But this is the most dangerous thing for a player because he doesn’t practice or do other essential stuff on time. Like a 9-5 job worker, a player also needs to make a timetable and follow it on regular basis to get the best result.

2. Recognizing Right Skill

When a young player goes to a cricket academy to learn the fundamentals of this gentleman’s game, in most of the cases he already decides his cricket skills to learn like Batting, bowling, or wicket-keeping. However, sometimes a kid goes to a cricket academy like a white paper, who doesn’t have an idea about suitable skills for him.

Here One to one cricket coach takes the responsibility to help him to find the best cricket skill according to performance or his physical strength. One to one cricket coach introduces so many practices to him. Coach gives him chance to practice fast bowling, spin bowling, and also put gloves in his hand to keep the wickets.

Coach not only help to find the right skill for them who doesn’t about perfect skill for him. Even a cricket coach can make a player consider the other skill rather than preferred by that player.

Here I have an example: when God of cricket “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar” went to learn cricket in cricket academy, that time he wanted to be a fast bowler, but his coach recognized his batting talent and led him to focus on his batting rather than his bowing.

If we talk about learning cricket from Youtube, there you can find tons of videos of your favorite skill but there will not be anyone to tell you which skill suits your game better.

3. Motivate

Every spokesperson faces many ups ad downs in his sports career, where he can not be able to perform well to win games for his team. He struggles to find a rhythm when he goes out of form which ends up with a loss of confidence in himself. In this kind of situation, a coach can motivate the player and help him to focus on the game.

A coach understands his all players very well and knows how to handle him when they are not in a good zone of motivation.

But if a player only depends on YouTube to learn cricket then there will be no one to hold his hands in a bad time and that can cause the end of an emerging cricketer’s career.

4. Weakness & Strength

In cricket or any sports, many times players fail to recognize his weakness and strength. In some cases, they keep playing but not too good performances and in most cases, they fail to get a chance in playing 11 or drop from the team.

Let me explain it with an example if a player is a very good batsman who can hit big sixes by his choice. But due to secure his place in the team or to score big runs, he does not back his attacking style instead he plays with a low strike rate. In this mindset, he even can not be able to perform less than his actual capably.

But if he has a one to one coach then he can get advised by him to change his playing style. His coach can point out his weakness and strength. And help him to work this weakness and strength to get the best performance out of him in big matches.

5. Technique Issue

We have seen that many great cricket players sometimes face issues in his technique due to which they get dropped from the team. This technique issue can be with a batsman, bowler, and wicket-keeper. A batsman fails to play short balls properly or play with a straight bat. A bowler can face issue in his bowling action, ball releasing point, or in the run-up. All these technique problems can cause ending a player’s career if not it is not figured out on time. 

This issue can also be with junior cricket players who still are in cricket Academy. In cricket academy, a cricket coach can recognize these technique errors and solve them. 

On the other hand, who will help you if you just learn cricket from watching cricket videos. A player can make lots of practice but he will not be able to find out problems in technique each time.

6. Strategy

To be good at making strategy is very crucial for every cricket player. Batsman needs to know to make a strategy of building inning in various situations against different kinds of bowlers while setting targets or chasing the big target.

And a bowler also must be perfect in making great strategy against well-settled or inform batsman to get him out.

Cricket players learn these strategies while playing a lot of cricket matches. But if you have a coach then it would be an advance for you, because he can teach you so many strategies that can help you in winning more matches and making you a better choice for captain of your team.

But if you are only relying on YouTube then unfortunate you will miss this opportunity. Because there no one will be with you to teach you important strategies.

7. Injuries

Facing injuries is a harsh truth for every cricket player. On an unlucky day, while playing a match or doing practice, a player can have an injury.

Injury not only hurts players physically but it also affects the mental health of a player. In the period of recovering from injuries, a player needs a coach who can guild him to be positive and tells the right ways to recover fast.

But while learning on YouTube, a player never gets a person who understands his pain of being away from the ground.


In this post, I told all the possible reasons which prove that one to one cricket coach is still required in the era of youtube. Regardless I also admit that youtube can be profitable to sharp our skill but to be a great cricketer you need a one-to-one coach.

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