How to Play Sweep Shot in 3 Steps

How to Play Sweep Shot in 3 Steps

The sweep shot is a very effective shot, especially against spinners but it can also be a very risky shot if you don’t know how to play the shot. Nowadays the sweep shot can be switched around in the shorter formats of today (e.g T20’s and ODI’s), the reverse sweep is similar but different and can only be mastered after the sweep shot.

Step 1: The Base

The first step to the sweep shot is the base, without the base you can’t play the shot and will look unbalance and will have no control over the ball or your body.

For this shot you should start, in your normal stance and stay relaxed with your focus on keeping your eyes level inline with the ball as it is coming. As this if happening keep you head, shoulder and elbow inline together. Also the batsmen will push his back foot and at the same time should his bat raise up for power.

Step 2: The Stride

As the bat is raising up you should direct the front foot towards the ball and drop the back knee for stability. As the back knee is dropping, you head should be inline with your foot and should be looking like a lunge position. Remember not to stride too far ahead which can risk into a off balance position which can lead to LBW or Bowled if not inline with the stumps. Also if you cramp up in a short stride it can lead to the same result so take a stride which you comfortable with.

Step 3: The Finish

To regenerate power always remember the downswing which means that the bat should come from over the head to finish the shot in front of your eyes, you can remember it as up to down if you do the opposite it can lead to a top edge.

Please watch below the full video tutorial with demonstration on How to play a Sweep Shot

How to Play Sweep Shot

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