Cricket Batting Technique for Beginners – Using Bobble Feed

Cricket Batting Technique for Beginners – Using Bobble Feed

In this cricket batting technique for beginners, the objective is to develop a straight-drive technique against a moving ball.

Please make sure the player has done his 10- 15 minutes of warm-up. Similar to Front-Foot Drive Practice with Drop Feed this drill is also focused on for under 7- under 11 players.

The main focus of this Cricket Batting Technique for Beginners using bobble feed is to make them play with a straight bat.

Description: The feeder could be coach, parent, or siblings, in front of the batter about 8m away. They throw the ball under-arm to the batter using a bobble feed- this means they are aiming to make the ball two or more times before reaching the batter. The batter hits it using a front-foot drive and attempts to strike the ball into the goal or toward the feeder.

The main coaching point of this cricket batting drill for beginners is that the batter should time their movement so that the backswing happens at the same time as they step towards the ball.

After striking the ball they should follow through over their shoulder to ensure the ball goes towards the target.

Please watch this video to for a complete demonstration for Cricket Batting Technique for Beginners

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We recommend you spend between 10-30 minutes of continually throwing down the ball using bobble feed. Once the batter gets to grips with this technique, we will build on the difficulty progressively. 

At the end of the session, do a 5 minute cool-down and debrief session, asking the player what he/she has learned from the drill. You will be surprised to see children generally respond to this part of the training very well! 

Recommended Equipment

Waboba Moon Cracket with Moon Ball (Ball Colors May Vary)

Pro Impact Cricket Sets (Beach Plastic)

WOWGEEK 7.5 Inch Plastic Sport Training Traffic Cone 10 Yellow Traffic Safety Cones Sign Sport Soccer Football Training Cones (Yellow)


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