Cricket Batting Drills for Beginners-Front-Foot Drill

Cricket Batting Drills for Beginners-Front-Foot Drill


The main purpose of this blog is to share cricket batting drills for beginners using the front-foot drive technique for under 7- under 11 players.

Objective: Front-Foot Drive Practice with Drop Feed- Cricket Batting Drills for Beginners

Equipment: One bat, ball, a set of stumps, and two cones (if you find).

This cricket batting drills for beginners works 1-2-1 or can also work in a group of 4 players. Set up a ‘target’  4-5 meters and about 8-10 meters from the ball using cones.

Make sure the goal is visible. One person is the feeder who could be your coach, father, or friend. The feeder should drop the ball at arm’s length so it bounces one pace from the batter.

The batter hits it on the first or second bounce using the front-foot drive. And attempt to strike it through the goal, as shown in this video.

This is the most common cricket batting drills for juniors and extensively used by coaches.

To make it interesting for  The player scores 1 point if they hit the ball within the goals target (as shown in above hits between nets) and 4 points if the ball hits the goal.

Coaching Points to Notice: Make sure players keep their head over the ball at the point of contact. They should try to hit the ball with their back leg straight and their front foot towards the ball. Lastly, do their body weight is pushing the ball straight.

Before coaches or parents start the drill, make sure the warm-ups are done and the environment in the nets are safe for young cricketers. Sometimes, some senior cricketers are playing in parallel nets and hitting the ball hard, which could be unsafe for young cricketers.

The coach in this video is the specialist power-hitting coach Sohail Mohammed of Supreme Cricket Academy – Birmingham – Legendary cricketer Mushtaq Mohammed is the founder & Head Coach of Supreme Cricket Academy

We recommend you spend between 10-30 minutes of continually throwing down the ball using drop feed. Once the batter gets to grips with this technique, we will build on the difficulty progressively. You can combine this drill with Cricket Batting Technique for Beginners using bobble feed.

At the end of the session, do a 5 minute cool-down and debrief session, asking the player what he/she has learned from the drill. You will be surprised to see children generally respond to this part of the training very well!

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Recommended Equipment

Waboba Moon Cracket with Moon Ball (Ball Colors May Vary)

Pro Impact Cricket Sets (Beach Plastic)

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